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  Flexible Denture Machine Operation Demonstration  

Flexible Denture Machine Operation Demonstration

At first according to clinical design requirement we get the tooth preparation, take impression with alginate impression material, perfuse antagonization model with common plaster, perfuse the deficit part with super stone. Deficit free-end should keep the undercut of abutment antagonization to fix.

Then design base plate clasp, chose the clasp according to the part of deficit tooth and the condition of abutment tooth , alveolar ridge. Five clasps in common use include: wrap around clasp, spurs, anchor clasp ,high anchor clasp and split clasp. Generally speaking, anterior teeth deficit and free-end deficit often use wrap around clasp. Retrusive often use spurs, anchor clasp or high anchor clasp. After chosed the clasp, draw the clasp and base plate designs on the plaster model with a red pen.

The third step is making wax pattern and tooth arrangement.

When arrange the tooth, at first we have to prepare¡®T¡¯mechanical  retention canal(¿×µÀ)on cervical margin and buccal of artificial tooth with fissure bur, in order to perfuse denture materials into key way and form retention. Key way is the T canal which communicate with the cervical margin from the tooth side and lingual surface preparation. Some technician like prepare mechanical retention hole when arrange the tooth. We suggest that don¡¯t operate like that. Since by that way, it will be difficult to take out the remaining wax from the canal when take out the wax. After prepared the T canal,

place the wax pattern according to the drawing scope of design, According to the shape of gingival tissue , the wax should be placed evenly when waxing to make the teeth like natural teeth. Should pay attention, between artificial teeth and abutment it should placed 1.5mm wax which will help the materials be conveying fluently when perfuse it.

The labial or buccal need keep 1.5mm to 2mm wax, the palatal should be kept the wax as thin as possible. According to the camber of the teeth lingual surface the lower mandibular lingual surface have to be carved to be tongue carina and proximal contour. After waxed, trim the basal body wax pattern to be smooth, neatness with even thickness, carve the teeth ambit, seal the wax and check the occlusion.


The fourth step is the flask installation and sprue.

Mix the artificial or cooked plaster evenly and then place it into lower flask, put the plaster model and finished wax pattern ,level off the artificial plaster, make the surface smoothly.

Note that the wax basement of the artificial teeth should be all exposed.fill the undercut with man-made plaster to prevent the formation of air bubbles. Generally one flask can load one big wax pattern or 4-5 small wax pattern. The wax pattern should be placed close to the sprue end of the flask , near the center line. Wax pattern arrangement is crucial to flexible denure production. Good arrangement way can increase your success rate and efficiency. Until the man-made plaster completely solidified ,install the sprue with thick wax stick. The main sprue should be extended from the mouth of sprue to the center of flask, and close the invested wax pattern as much as possible.Wax sprue should be filled and extended to sprue mouth. Sub sprue should connect the main sprue with invested wax pattern. When install the sprue you should bear in mind two sets of figures, The diameter of the main sprue should be 6-8mm and the sub one¡¯s should be 2-4mm. The main sprue should be as long as possible while the sub sprue should be as short as possible. By that the materials can be infused smoothly to each parts which need infusion.

Before install the upper flask, paint a layer separation liquid to the man-made plaster surface which in lower flask. cover the artificial teeth with mixed man-made plaster or plaster, then vibrate it up and down. Cover the flask, discharge the bubble, continue to perfuse the plaster till the lower flask is full. Lock the upper and lower flask with screw. Until the man-made plaster completely solidified, put the flask into boiling water to cook and then take out 10 minutes later. Separate the upper flask from lower flask. clean the wax pattern in the flask . Make it without any remains. Manufacturer suggest, take out the artificial teeth from upper flask and fix it in position to avoid artificial teeth displacement in the course of future operation. Relock the upper and lower flask with screw and then put it on flexible denture press, insert the cartridge sleeve into heating ring of heating oven to preheat 20 minutes. When the temperature is stable, put the cartridge into cartridge sleeve.  And paint a little isolation oil to the flask. Please note, the crimped end of the cartridge should be put exposed to inside, then add copper cushion on the cartridge. Insert it into heating oven to heat. 11 minutes later, when the temperature on the temperature controller maintainning 287¡æ, that all materials have melted.

Take out the cartridge sleeve , move horizontally and quickly to the top of sprue mouth of the flask , place vertically , then rotate the press arm rapidly. When you hear a noise ¡°pa¡±, the material cartridge have been blasting, continue to force-rotate the arm until full pressed .then all materails have been completely compressed into flask. Maintain the pressure one minute and relax the arm, lift the vertical pole.Owing to the material is very tough after solidified, so the flask and cartridge sleeve should be seperated rapidly, compress all the materials out from the cartridge with press machine. Naturally cooling the flask at least 20 minutes. Please pay attention, it can not cooling rapidly, otherwise, it will injure the prosthesis. The users should bear in mind three set figures: cartridge sleeve should be preheated 20 minutes, materials heating 11 minutes, the temperature should maintain 287¡æ, only with the three set figures, the cartridge can be compressed, otherwise , it will lead operation failed. Open the coolled flask, remove the man-made plaster, take out the copy model and clean. Finished model can wear only after grinding and polishing.

At first, cut off the sprue with diamond discs, then use carbide cutters coarse grind the basement surface of the copy model, accoring to the design remove the extra part of the model. In the course of grinding, you should change the polishing location constantly to avoid any part of materials overheating and deformation. Use carbide cutters to trim vertical plane and medial surface. Before the formal polishing, at first you have to use rubber wheel to polish the surface of prosthesis, and use sharp blades to remove sections. There have polishing paste, polishing powder, rubber liquid, wet and dry cloth wheel can be used as flexible denture polishing materials. In order to prevent quantity of heat gathering, in the process of operation, it need to continue soaking. The prosthesis surface after polished is smooth but not shine, use a soft brush stick with polishing paste remove the oil stain and clean, and then use a dry cloth wheel stick with polishing paste to low-speed polish then turn to high-speed polish till the surface is shining. Thorough cleaning the prosthesis and double-check whether it meet the request. After modelling, waxing, teeth arrangement, flask installation, press, grinding , polishing, a handsome tough flexible denture is come out.


In operation , production process should note the following items:

First,  when arrange the teeth should make sure to prepare the T sprue in artificial tooth according to requirement, otherwise, it may lead ,in the use of the process, artificial teeth loose , shedding phenomenon.  

Second,  During waxing, basal part need cover 1.5mm thick wax, dental base plate maintain thickness 1.5-2mm. Otherwise , the material can not be smooth flow, resulting in prosthesis incomplete.

Third,  When install the sprue should pay attention that, main sprue is 6-8mm thick and as long as possible, sub sprue is 2-4mm thick and as close as possible to the main sprue.

Fourth,  The preheating time for cartridge sleeve is 20 minutes, the heating and melting temperature is 287¡æ, heating time is 11 minutes, otherwise , they will lead materials toughness and color can not meet the requirement which make operation failed.

Fifth,   Pay attention to the grinding and polishing, the application procedures of these instruments during polishing, coarse grind to wipe off the extra part, use carbide cutter to trim the vertical plane and medial surface, and maintain undercut, use rubber wheel to polish the surface of prosthesis, use a dry cloth wheel stick with polishing paste to polish till the surface is shining. Especially pay attention to the rubber wheel using.

Sixth,  When wear the flexible denture ,the dentist should master hot-water immersion technique, the denture should be immersed into hot-water 1-2 minutes, and then cool it to the temperature that the sufferer can suffer, which will help the sufferer wear successfully.


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