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  Flexible Denture Machine Service Manual220V  

Flexible Denture Machine Service Manual

ZB-TYY-A Flexible Denture Machine is the equipment which specializes in flexible false tooth, designed and produced by our company at the first time. It is the crystal of many years clinic experience. It featured simple and credible operation, long service life,high quality, high success rate and so on.

Main technical parameter and environmental condition

 1. Rating Voltage: 220V 22V   50HZ1HZ

 2. Power: 450W

 3. Temperature: 260-310

 4. Available working hour modulation: 9 ~13 minutes

 5. Environmental temperature: -5-45

6. Environmental comparatively humidity: 90%

7. Surroundings should have no eroded gas.

Device structure and operating principle

1.       This device composed of heating furnace and die-casting machine.

2.       The function of the heating furnace is that under the constant temperature (28710), standing set time (9-13 minutes), make the flexible false tooth materials melting.

3.       The function of the die-casting machine is that inject the melted the materials into prepared flask.

4.       The heating furnace will utter the hinting ring when finished the pre-set working hour.

5.       Device structure chart: ( see chart I)

6.       Schematic diagram : ( see chart II)

Size and weight

1.      Die-casting machine package size: 60cm X 30cm X 30cm

2.      Heating furnace package size: 57cm X 37cm X 30cm

3.      Gross weight for the whole sets: 36.2kg

Installation and debugging

1.      The die-casting machine is fixed on worktable (or cement table) with 4pcs bolts. The height of the table should convenient to operation.

2.      The heating furnace is laid next to die-casting machine, the distance between the two machine should be more closer on the basis of heating furnace not impacting die-casting machine operation. 

3.      Before debugging, the temperature on the temperature controller should be adjusted to 287 and the time on the time controller should be adjusted to 11 minutes.

4.      To connect the power and turn on the power switch , startup time controller switch ,when the device give an alarm in the pre-set time and the fluctuation of the temperature is not exceed 10 after counterpoised , it proved that you bought a qualified flexible denture machine. 

Operation process

1.      Before operating the machine, you should screw down the nut of the spring on two stand poles of die-casting machine and lay the prepared flask on the machine.

2.      At first, using hair brush smear the inner intake tube with isolation oil, and then insert it in heating furnace, Please set the temperature as 287 and time as 11 minutes.    

3.      To connect the heating furnace power, preheating at least 20 minutes. When preheating, it is normal that the temperature exceed the pr-set temperature (287), need not adjust.      

4.      When the temperature turn to stable (it is normal if there is 10 error between displayed temperature and pre-set temperature), use hair brush smear the empty   aluminium cartridge and copper cushion surface with isolation oil, then put the cartridge into intake tube, and then put the false tooth materials into cartridge (beaded edge inby), and then put the copper cushion (middle cartridge with one thick copper cushion and small cartridge with both thick and thin copper cushion per each).

5.      After the false tooth materials put into heating furnace, turn on time controller switch. The buzzer will alarm after heating 11 minutes, then take out the intake tube and put it on flask to compress. After compress 2 minutes, the intake tube can be unbolted.

6.      Other operation please refer to

Safeguard protection device and notice

1.      This machine is fixed with earth protection device. Notice: the earth power should be used when operate this machine.

2.      After compressed the materials, you can use compression machine to pack out the materials remains in the intake tube. If it difficult, you can heat a little and operate again.

Fault analysis and solution




Temperature controller fail to display temperature

1.      temperature controller un-connect earth peg or bad contact.

2.      temperature controller have problem.

3.      electrical source have no electricity

4.      Power switch malfunction

1.      re-connect

2.      change temperature controller.

3.      check electrical source

4.      change power switch

Temperature controller display wrong information

1.      temperature controller have problem

2.      the power line of the temperature controller un-connect or bad contact.

3.      The power line of the temperature controller have problem.

4.      The power line of the temperature controller and the earth peg connect inversely.

1.      change temperature controller.

2.      re-connect the power line.

3.      change the power line.

4.      re-connect.

Time controller fail to display time

1.      time controller tie wire peg un-connect or bad contact

2.      time controller have problem.

3.      electrical source have no electricity.

4.      power switch malfunction

1.      re-connect.

2.      change time controller.

3.      check the electrical source.

4.      change power switch

Time controller fail to alarm after pre-set time

1.      buzzer fail to connect or bad contact.

2.      time controller have problem.

3.      buzzer have problem.

1.      re-connect.

2.      change time controller.

3.      change buzzer.

The heart of the heating furnace fail to warm

1.      the heating loop  tie-wire peg of the heating furnace unconnected or bad contact.

2.      the heating loop burnout.

1.      re-connect.

2.      change the heating loop.

 Device maintenance and after service.

1.      when the machine is keep unused, it should be cut off the power, and clean out the materials remains and dust, to avoid impacting normal use.

2.      The machine is guaranteed to keep in good repair for 3 year, which the heating loop for three month, and temperature controller, time controller for one year.  The dealer at your end who consigned by our company will supply our service for you.

3.      In the period of keeping in repair, as long as you send the shattered component to us or the franchised dealer of every area, we will provide free repair and change in time.

4.      Maintenance all the life, and provide technical consultation.

Packing list



Die-casting machine


Heating furnace




Cartridge sleeve


Strip Sleeve


Copper cushion

Thick and thin 1pcs per each

Isolation oil

1pcs ( will be omitted via air-shipment)

Hair brush


hexagon ring spanner


Power line


Flexible denture materials

Middle 10pcs , small 10pcs


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