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  Vacuum Module Service Manual  

Vacuum Module Service Manual

ZB-ZK vacuum module is a stable machine for molding vary plastic film, which is a certain dental equipment for hospital and clinic.

I. Function

1 Decolor tooth molding.

2 Orthodontics holding, tooth bow splint.

3 Tray for periodontal disease and fluoride treatment.

4 Temporary and lasting basement, jaw pad and tooth protecting tray.

5 Orientation plank for implant, holding tools for after surgery.

II. Technical parameter:


Rating voltage














Size of the plastic sheet:  130mm*130mm

Working area:     120mm*120mm

III. Structure:

1.      Heating cover 2. clamp frame ( upper plywood, lower plywood) 3. heating switch 4. clamp blot 5. take out vacuum switch 6.handle 7. press out blot 8. process pole.

. Function for very parts:

Clamp frame: clamp plastic membrane to heat and move.

Heating cover: plastic membrane heating.

Vacuum cupule:  worktable of putting tooth model.

V.  Basic operation:

1.      Access power, turn the heating cover back. In order to put plaster model and membrane.

2.      Put the plastic membrane into clamp frame, please pay attention to the around area of the plastic membrane when put and clamped in the frame, should keep the four side of the membrane be clamped in same size.

3.      Turn on heating switch, preheating the heating cartridge about one minute, move the clamp frame to the head of the moving pole. Turn round the heating cover in parallel with clamp frame. Heating the plastic membrane.

4.      Heating the plastic membrane about 1 minute, after the plastic membrane be heated, it will become softening, like an arc, sinking about 3~4cm.

5.      Close the heating switch, turn on the vacuum inhaling switch, drop the clamp frame to the bottom quickly, close the inhaling switch after inhaling about 5-6 seconds. Wait about 30 seconds, open the membrane clamp. Take out the formed membrane.

6.      Separate the membrane from the plaster model. (It will be easy to separate them after cooling with cold water.)

7.      Shave the tooth cover along the edge of gum with scissors.

8.      Put the finished tooth cover on the original plaster model to check the driving fit tune.

Attention: Dont leave when operating the machine.

. Fault eliminating guide:

a. When turn on the power, the indicator light off,

1.         Please check the electrical outlet with neon-electroscope and see if it have electricity or not.

2.         whether the safety installed or disconnected. Open the main power switch on the safety and check the safety catch.

 b. Unable to heat

1.      The heater unable to heat, check the heating tube burnout or not, if burnout please change a new one.

2.      check the switch is ok or not.

c. Unable to take out wind

1.      check the fan is work or not.

2.      check the switch is work or not.

d. The clamp frame can not move up and down

1.      check the position screw behind the clamp is too tightened or not.

2.       check the process pole have scar and sundries or not.

. Maintenance

Keep the cleanness of the machine after use it, wipe the machine and process pole with soft cloth; Keep the cleanness of the intake of fan.

. Packing list

1.      Soft and hard plastic membrane 1 piece per each

2.      Power line 1 piece

3.      Vacuum Module 1piece

. Warranty instruction

1.      The machine is kept in repair for 1 year, and maintaining all the life.

2.      The warranty time start from the invoice date which issued by the dealer when you bought it.

3.      For the following reason will not keep in repair,

a.      Owing to every human factor, include wrong operation in right condition.

b.      Owing to the wrong transportation after purchased.

c.       The user dismantling, maintain and refit the machine privately or repaired not by the authorized shop or individuals, the promise will abate. But will supply maintaining service and charge for the materials.

Wherever you bought our products, please call or mail to our customer service department, we will solve the problem in the very shortest time.

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